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Michael Anthony Breitkreutz, born in a small country town in Victoria on 24th January 1972 the Youngest of five siblings. Michael was a happy, spirited child who gravitated easily to song, dance and performance, his whole family was introduced to and were enthusiastic about singing, dancing and pop culture, supported by an also talented Mum releasing her own EP record in the early 60s. As the Era of television dance and pop culture in the 80’s built, so did his inspiration and passion to become an entertainer thrive, spanning some 35 years.


Michael’s performance career sprang to life with the Violin at 6yrs old with Mr Mead, then the poster boy and TV ad for Amazon Water Parks at age 12, then ballet training and dance training with Beverly Nevin, Anne Bertram, Gail Mackintosh and Sandra Green at the legendary Fame Agency and The Westfield Super Juniors, studying CSTD Jazz Syllabus at Southside School of Dance and graduating senior year at CAD in Performing Arts at 16 years old.


In that same year Michael was a lead performer for the Expo Kids Company at Expo 88. He cut the actual ribbon on the opening day of Warner Bros Movieworld in 1991 on the Gold Coast with legends Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Yahoo Serious, Wayne Goss and of course Bugs Bunny.


Michael’s roles in the Bugs Bunny and Hollywood shows were stepping stones to his performance repertoire with shows like Live at the Roosevelt and Jewel of the Orient Express at Jupiter’s Casino and the Palladium Theatre restaurant, while producing, choreographing and performing in shows at various clubs across Queensland.


An international career in Korea, Japan, Singapore saw Michael hosting shows in foreign languages, commanding the stage and casts of many to entertain adoring crowds. Returning from overseas travel from shows like Wallace and Gromit and taking up residence at Australia’s Wonderland in 5 shows a day, 6 days a week, acting in commercials for McDonalds, Star City Casino, Twin Towns, short films and documentaries. While working for Westfield/ Warner Bros for 7 years, Michael chaperoned Sid, Milly & Ollie in the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics.


Making the move back to glorious Queensland in 2000 and Launching Elite Promotions QLD, Michael changed the face of Bingo, Trivia and Promotions by offering the most honest and professionally run Bingo and Trivia sessions from Ipswich to Noosa and the greater metropolitan areas of South East QLD for the past 18 years and has cemented himself in this workspace as a highly sought after specialist in his field. Michael is currently enjoying his favourite management position ever at RSL Club Southport, while Elite Promotions employs 6 staff members to run 5 different clubs with Bingo and Trivia crowds of 10 to 200 people that create the backbone of Michael’s followers, fans, friends and family.



Marrying in an unrecognised civil commitment ceremony to his partner of 10 years on October 1st, 2006 at Pt Piper, Coolum Beach officiated by Lynette Gordon together and in front of 150 witnesses and with their blessing they made a life commitment to marriage and unity with love in their eyes.

This was for Michael the moment he saw the need for Marriage Equality in Australia, his passion for political change and equality have been challenged many times. He has applied himself at every opportunity to have a voice in supporting the LGBTQIS community fully funding, producing, promoting and hosting the very successful

So You Think You Can Drag at Elements Bar in Brisbane in 2014, promoting the message of equality from then until the Amendment to the Same-Sex marriage laws in 2017.

Michael and Stephen celebrated their 21st year of their commitment on October 1st, 2017 having met in 1994 knowing as only love knows, they would be together forever regardless of the law.

Graduating from Australian Celebrations

with Certificate IV on 28/03/2018 and Licensing on 04/07/2018 Michael proudly 

 Presents Elite Celebrant the face of modern

Marriage Celebrancy in 2018 …


Marriage Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

Recommitment Ceremonies

Life Ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies








    Michael a Gay Male Celebrant proudly supporting  the LGTBQIS community in Marriage Equality

and Inclusion in  2018 #EVERYONE …...

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Cert IV MarriageCelerant


Marriage Ceremonies,

Naming Ceremonies,

Recommitment Ceremonies,

Life Ceremonies,

Master of Ceremonies





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